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Insulated Glass

Insulated Glass

Insulating glass is manufactured by two or more than two pieces of glass. The different pieces of glass are isolated through aluminum tubes whose insides are filled with desiccant. The hollow space is inflated with dry air or inert gas and sealed with butyl rubber, polysulphide sealant, or structural adhesive, to form glass with dry space. 


Excellent solar heat insulation property which greatly reduces cooling loads;

Dry air inside the enclosure renders the surface free from misting;

More excellent efficiency will be if fill in argon other inert glass.


Air space: 5mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm;

Max. Size: 2700mm X3700mm;

Thickness: 5+9A+5mm, 6+12A+6mm, 15+15A+15mm, etc.


As modern architecture and curtain wall glass develop, especially higher requirements are put forward for energy conservation, insulating glass has been widely applied in buildings, vehicles, freezers, as well as occasions which can provide quite and comfortable indoor conditions at constant temperature and with constant humidity. 

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